Tattibayev Kazmukhamed (1885 – 1962)

Kazmukhamed Tattibayev is one of the first military Kazakhs, an activist of the Western branch of the Alash Party.

Tattibayev Kazmukhamed was born in 1885. He was the Kazakh, the native of the West Kazakhstan area, Lbischensk area, Aul №6. In 1902 he graduated from the Oriktikol two-year Russian-Kazakh school, then in 1905 the Elektinsk three-year Russian-Kazakh city school. After graduation he taught at the parish schools of the Urals region and Russian-native schools of the Turkestan region. In 1916, Tattibayev entered the school of ensigns at the Tashkent Military School. After graduation from the school of ensigns in February 1917, Tattibayev was sent to the Persian Front as part of the 9th Turkestan Brigade. In 1918 he participated in the III Ural Regional Congress of Kazakhs, in May 1918 he was a delegate from the Oriktikol Parish at the IV Ural Regional Congress of Kazakhs. He actively participated in the formation of the army of the Western Branch of the Alash Orda. In 1918-1919 he headed the Oriktikol Parish School. In 1919, Tattibayev worked in the regional department of public education as an inspector. In 1919 he participated in the regional conference of the Aktobe Kazakhs-Bolsheviks. After the conference he worked as an assistant to the head of the Kazakh regional military commissariat, instructor in the library. Since August 1920, Tattibayev has worked in various positions in the justice bodies. In the 1930s he was arrested. Prior to his arrest, he lived in the West Kazakhstan region in Uralsk. He was rehabilitated on February 26, 1934 by PP OGPU (United Political State Department) in Kazakhstan for lack of corpus delicti. After his release, he lived in the Urals region in his native village.