Maldybaev Mustakhim (1880 – 1927)

30Mustakhim Maldybaev is a leader of the Alash movement, an educator, a journalist, a victim of the Stalinist repressions of 1930. He graduated from madrasah “Galiya” in Ufa. In 1911-1912, Mustakhim published his articles in the newspapers “Kazakh”, “Saryarka” and “Ay Qap” magazine. In his articles he touched upon issues of education, Kazakh language, he wrote about the role of women in society, about religion and politics. His articles were signed by pseudonyms: MM, Azamat Korykbasov, Mustakim, Rizabek, Saulese. In 1911 his “Educational Book” was published by the publishing house “Zhardem” in the city of Semipalatinsk. The manual “New Kazakh alphabet”, written by him together with Andamasov J was published in the city of Kazan in 1912. After the February Revolution of 1917, he was one of the organizers of the Semipalatinsk regional congress of Kazakhs. He was nominated as a candidate for the All-Russian Constituent Assembly. He active took part in the creation of the Alash Party in Semipalatinsk. During the Civil War, he visited the auls and conducted agitation and propaganda work among the population to create a horse regiment of Alash. After the establishment of the Soviet government, he taught at the pedagogical technical school, he worked in the Semipalatinsk gubernia department of education, he worked in the editorial offices of several newspapers. Mustakhim Maldybaev is a victim of political repression.