Kozhanov Sultanbek (1894 – 1938)


Kozhanov Sultanbek Kozhanuly is a state and public figure, scientist, publicist.

Sultanbek Kozhanov was born in the village of Aksumbe of Sozak district of the South-Kazakhstan oblast in September 10, 1894. He graduated from Turkestan four-year Russian-Kazakh elementary school, Tashkent teacher’s seminary. In 1927 he graduated from Moscow courses of Marxism-Leninism under the Central Committee of the CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union)  . His political activity began with the underground youth organization “Kenes” from among the students of the seminary. In  1917  he  published the newspaper “Birlik Tuy”  ( “Flag of unity”) together with M. Shokay, K. Hodzhikov, K. Bulganbayev, S. Akaev  in Tashkent. He actively supported the Turkistan autonomy. Being a member of the Central Commission  to fight with hunger he  organized  special places for the hungry people  in Turestan ,Sozak, Zhanakorgan, Kyzylkum, Shielinsky districts in 1918. In  1919-1920   he worked as a deputy chairman of the Syrdarya Uyezd Committee, the chairman of the Turkestan uyezd-city executive committee, the Syrdarya oblast revolutionary committee.

In late of  1920   Sultanbek Kozhanov was appointed People’s Commissar of Internal Affairs of the Turkestan Republic. In October 1921  he was a People’s Commissar of Education. He required teaching in the language of the local population  in the sphere  of education. He made a significant contribution to the development of the press and the national theater of Turkestan. Kozhanov organized the  publication of the newspaper “Ak Zhol” ( “Bright road”) and  he was appointed a first editor of this newspaper. He paid special attention  to the state of agriculture. In  1922-1924  he worked as a secretary of the Central Committee of the Turkestan KP, adeputy chairman of the executive committee, a member of the bureau of the Central Asian Central Committee of the CPSU .During the national-regional disengagement in Central Asia Kozhanov distinguished himself as a statesman. In November 1924 he was appointed second secretary of the Kazakh Regional Committee of the CPSU, and from February 1925 Kozhanov was appointed as the second secretary of the Kazakh regional committee.

At the suggestion of Sultanbek Kozhanov, the First Congress of Soviets restored the true name of the Kazakhs, having corrected the name “Kyrgyz” for “Kazakh” distorted during the tsarist period, the Congress also renamed the capital city of Kyzylorda. In November of  1925 , Kozhanov was invited to the Central Committee of the   CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union) and as a responsible instructor for the national republics was sent to the Caucasus.  In  1928   he went to Tashkent, where he organized the department of the  VASKHNIL( All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences named after V.I. Lenin). In   1929  Sultanbek Kozhanov formed the Central Asian Cotton-Irrigation Polytechnic Institute and he  was its first principal. In 1929-1931  he worked as a director of the Central Asian cotton spinning mill. In  1931-1932  Kozhanov worked  in the apparatus of the Central Committee of the CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union)

In  1924  Kozhanov published a textbook for schoolchildren “Eseptanu Kuraly” ( “Textbook of Mathematics”) . In   1928  his research “On the Decade of the Turkestan Soviet Autonomy” in Russian was published.  On July 16, 1937 he  was arrested and repressed. In  1957 he was rehabilitated.