Raimzhan Marsekov

Wives and children of Raimzhan Marsekov Rakhima

As for the history of Raimzhan’s family, his daughters Gulgasyl and Gulzhazira were born from his first wife, whom he married while still a student. He divorces his first wife and marries an educated girl from Semey – Rakhima. Gulgasyl stays with his father, and Gulzhazira leaves with his mother. Rakhima-khanum was in close contact with the wives of Baitursynov and Dulatov, Badrisafa and Gainizhamal. In 1917, on February 20, she died in Semey from an illness. There is a telegram with condolences from the editorial board of “Kazakh” to Marsekov. Rakhima’s son Zhakhanshakh remained. 

The second wife of Raimzhan Marsekov Gulnaz Bekmetyeva (Bulbul-Gulnaz)

In a personal file dated 1922, Marsekov writes that he is married to a woman named Gulnaz. We are talking about Bulbul-Gulnaz, the daughter of the famous Gabdul-Gaziz Bekmetyev in those parts, who graduated from the cadet corps in Omsk, was a military man, had the rank of colonel. From Gulnaz the daughter Gulrauz was born. Gulnaz spent her whole life waiting and looking for Raimzhan. When Raimzhan left for China in 1922, his family remained in Semey. When Raimzhan secretly comes to Semey for his family, he was captured by the gendarmes and sent into exile in Siberia, but on the way he again escapes to China. Thus, Marsekov had no opportunity to take them with him to China, since the gendarmes followed his every step.

Gulnaz’s daughter Gulrauza had daughters Raisa, Karlygash and Saida and a son Serik.

The third wife of Raimzhan Marsekov Baibosynkyzy Nurzhamal (Nurzhamish)

  1. Marsekov, subjected to repression and arrest by the Bolshevik government, was forced to leave for China in 1922. In his last questionnaire, he wrote that he was 43 years old, his wife was Gulnazibulbul, son Zhansha, daughter Gulgasyl, Gulrauz.

In 1922, R. Marsekov fled to China. He was unable to bring his family to China. First, he moved to the Altai Territory, where he settled in the village of Kyzyr-Ukirdai, the son of Mamyrbek-Tore, and was engaged in one of the main goals of the Alash party – educating the population. Raimzhan enjoyed great prestige, as he supported his people.

The daughter of his brother Sheriyazdan Turdykhan recalled: “Under pressure from the Soviet government, in 1922 Raimzhan, together with the grown-up Gulgasyl, moved to the Altai Territory in China for the second time. The Kazakh bais and biys who lived in these places for a long time set a condition for him to marry his daughter to a rich man. Raimzhan, who did not accept this condition, tried to leave for the Kazakh lands again in one night. But in the vicinity of Aksuat, he fell into the hands of the United State Political Administration’s robbers. Fleeing from his pursuers, R. Marsekov again enters the Chinese land, where he takes refuge in the village of Kyzyr Mamyrbekuly. With Raimzhan, Kyzyr tore is learning Russian.

Kyzyr tore did a lot of good to Raimzhan, despite the persecution, he did not betray him. On the contrary, he provided Raimzhan with shelter and food. Raimzhan lived in the village of Ukirdai Kyzyr until 1932 – until his death.

With the support of Kyzyr Ukirdai, he marries the daughter of Baibosyn from the Kerei clan, Sarah Nurzhamal (Nurzhamish), teaches children the Russian language and Arabic script. When Raimzhan married Nurzhamal in China, he was about forty years old. With her, he lived in love and harmony for 14 years, until 1937, until he was arrested by the Chinese authorities. They had three daughters – Gulikhan, Gulsipat, Salikhan and son Zhakhankhan (Zhiken).

The family writer Karpyk Egizbayev wrote in his book of memoirs “Tagylym” that in 1990 he met with the 84-year-old wife of Raimzhan Marsekov Nurzhamal. “The happiest time in my life was 14 years spent with Raimzhan. I was struck by the wealth of his mind, knowledge and character. She got married at the age of 17. Raimzhan was 40 years old. Despite the age difference, we had a lot of respect for each other. When we got married, Kyzyr Ukirtai told me: “Sister, appreciate and respect.” Raimzhan was always and everywhere respected, starting from Kyzyr tore. He was always accompanied by poets, singers and musicians. He himself was also a skilled dombra player, harmonist and singer,” she said.

Raimzhan left three girls and a boy. After the arrest of Marsekov, great trials fell to the lot of his family. His brother spent several years in a Chinese prison. And Raimzhan’s wife, Nurzhamal, in order to save the life of her only son, after three or four years of waiting, marries a certain Moldakhan, in whom she found sympathy and understanding.

In 1962, when everyone began to return to Kazakhstan, Moldakhan and Nurzhamal also returned. Moldakhan’s brothers settled in Kyzylkesik. After some time, Moldakhan died. One of the three girls died in China, and her two married daughters remained in China. She registered her only son Zhakhankhan (Zhiken) as Moldakhan, with whom they returned to Kazakhstan.

Here his relatives warned Zhiken not to tell that he was Raimzhan’s son.

When the Chinese governor of East Turkestan, in agreement with the Russian administration, began mass arrests of members of Alash, Raimzhan, feeling that he was being followed, fled to Gulzha, where he took refuge with his Tatar friends. After some time, he was able to connect with his family, who remained in Toly.

When he learned from Kyzyr tore that the administration of the Tolsk district had received an order to arrest the Alashorda residents, he went to Gulzha, hid among rich Tatars, changed his surname and continued to teach children. He was later arrested and taken to Qing Shikai Prison in Urumqi. At that time, his brother Sheriyaz, who was also in this prison, asked the food carriers about his brother. He later learns that his brother has disappeared without a trace.

In 1937, according to spies, Raimzhan was imprisoned by the Chinese government in Urumqi. In 1938, he and dozens of Alash people who fled to China were killed in Sayapil, Urumqi.

There is evidence that his daughters Kulsipat and Kulikhan lived in East Turkestan. In the mid-90s of the last century, both Nurzhamal and Zhiken passed away.

Many years later, the wise Nurzhamal searches for Raimzhan’s eldest daughter Gulgasyl, who was left with Marsekov’s relatives in Semipalatinsk. Gulgasyl, who was about 90 years old at the time, raised six children and was the backbone of a large family. Gulgasyl had a wonderful relationship with Nurzhamal and Zhiken. Daughter Gulgasyl Sara Tolegenovna now lives in Semey.

Eldest daughter Gulgasyl

Gulgasyl lived in Semey for many years, where she died. Nurzhamal was proud of the children of Gulgasyl, whom she called nephews.

One of his nephews, Marat Kairbekov, until the last days of his life for about 20 years was the director of the Ayagoz meat-packing plant, was a respected citizen of the region.

The deceased Rauli was a pilot in Almaty, Sofia worked for many years as a teacher at the Semipalatinsk Pedagogical College, retired, died.

Sarah Tolegenovna is now in Semey, a retired doctor of the highest category. Nephews Bolat and Kamil raised children, both died. In 1937, 58-year-old Raimzhan, who became a victim of the People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs, died. The descendants of Raimzhan returned to the Kazakh land in 1962. Born from Nurzhamal, Zhiken (Zhakhankhan) worked for many years as a shepherd in the village of Kyzylkesik, Aksuat region, where he died. Together with his wife Zeinelkhan Beishalkyzy raised 7 sons and 4 daughters. Zeynelkhan apa also died. Now their children live in the Borodulikha district of the East Kazakhstan region.



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