Zhumagali Tleulin

Zhumagali Tleulin’s wife – Raikhan Khusainovna Temirbekova (1895 -1955)

Raikhan Khusainovna Temirbekova was born in the village of Karatal, Ayrtau district in 1895. She was from family of medical assistant Khusain Temirbekov and Rabiga Sharipovna Temirbekova. She received her education from her father. She studied  reading and writing in  Arabic  and the Russian language. Zhumagali Tleulin, the younger brother of her father’s friend, Shaimerden Tleulin, also studied at her father’s school. Raikhan’s father taught and helped Zhumagali to  enter the Omsk Central Medical School. Khusain Temirbekov  graduated  this school  in 1884.

Zhumagali, after graduating from this school, returned to his native land, began to work as a medical assistant. At this time, Raikhan had grown up and became a beautiful girl. They met again, they loved  each other. Although Raikhan was promised in marriage for one rich man in childhood, her father helped  to solve this problem. They got married and at first lived in the Temirbekov family. Then they went to the place of work of Zhumagali to Petropavlovsk. Children: Erik (1918), Azis (1921), Serik (1926) were born here. Raikhan graduated from the nursing school in Petropavlovsk. It was very useful later. In Petropavlovsk, until the arrest of Zhumagali, they lived a good, full-blooded life. They had many friends. Zhumagali spent most of his time at work, Raikhan was engaged in housekeeping and raising children. She managed to create coziness in the family, receive guests, raise children, and educate herself. She also took care of her younger sister Aisha, who lived with them. They both studied at the pedagogical courses of  the Kazakh pedagogical college  headed by Zhumagali.

According to Gulnar aunt, who personally saw and knew Raikhan Khusainovna, Raikhan was a real beauty and modest, hospitable, sincere, always ready to help people around her at the same time.

Zhumagali was arrested and exiled to the Voronezh region. After this exile Raikhan with her children and Gulzi had to leave for Tashkent in 1932. Here  her brother Abdolla Temirbekov was finishing his studies at the Central Asian State University. Here she had to work as a nurse almost round the clock. I had to feed a large family: my three children, two children of Abdollah’s brother from his first wife, and his mother, Rabigu. It was very difficult for her at that time. Raikhan with her children and Gulzi had to leave in 1932 for Tashkent, where her brother Abdolla Temirbekov was finishing his studies at the Central Asian State University. Here she had to work as a nurse very hard. She had to keep a large family: her three children, two children of Abdollah’s brother from his first wife, and her mother, Rabigu. It was very difficult for her at that time.

In 1935,  Zhumagali was sent from exile of the Voronezh region to Frunze. In Frunze Raikhan, her mother Rabiga, Azis, Erik, Serik, Abdolla and Aisha Baytasovs with children (Azim, Dinara, Firuza), Khakim, Gulzi gathered together. In Frunze Zhumagali worked in the Kaganovich regional hospital.

In January 1938 Zhumagali was arrested again and he was shot as an “enemy of the people” in February. To live in a large family was very difficult after death of Zhumagali. All difficulty  felt upon  Raikhan’s fragile shoulders.

However, the difficult years after her husband’s arrest  affected on her health. Her sons were missing and she was especially worried about it. And in 1955, she was diagnosed with esophageal cancer.

“At that time I was on advanced training courses in Leningrad,” recalled Serik Zhumagalievich, “Mother came to me, as there was a specialist in esophageal surgery in Leningrad. The operation was done in April. However, my mother’s heart could not stand it, and she died on April 20, 1955. She was buried in Leningrad “(now St. Petersburg). She did not wait for her husband’s rehabilitation, which happened later, in 1958.

“Raikhan Khusainovna was a respected person among all her relatives. She skillfully removed all family  quarrels  and conflicts. Her son Serik Zhumagalievich recalled, that all mother’s relatives called her affectionately and respectfully “Tatu” (“Peaceful”)

Son of Zhumagali Tleulin – Eric (1918 – date of death unknown)

The eldest son of Zhumagali Tleulin – Eric was born in 1918. In 1941 he called up as the son of an “enemy of the people” for the labor army – and died in the war.


Son of Zhumagali Tleulin – Aziz (1921 – date of death unknown)

The middle son Aziz was born in 1921. He graduated from a construction college in Frunze.He was sent to the front in a penal battalion and died.


Son of Zhumagali Tleulin – Serik (1926)

The youngest son Serik was born in 1926. He graduated from the Almaty Medical Institute. For many years he worked in the tubercula dispensary in Guryev. He defended his Ph.D. and doctoral dissertations.

After the death of his mother, Serik Zhumagalievich moved to Almaty. He began working as a researcher at the Institute of Regional Pathology of the Ministry of Health of the Kazakh SSR. Then he worked  as a researcher at the Institute of Physiology of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR, where he defended  doctoral thesis  in neurophysiology.

In 1966-1994 he was the head of the Laboratory of Neurophysiology of the Institute of Neurophysiology of the Ministry of Health of  Kazakhstan. Since 1994 he was a chief researcher at SDTB (special design and technological bureau) “Granit”. Serik Zhumagalievich is a Doctor of Biological Sciences (1987), Professor (1989), specialist in the field of neurophysiology. He is the author of over 150 scientific works, including  monographs. His main scientific works:

  1. On the stability of the electrical activity of the brain in healthy people. // Journal of the Institute of Neurology and Psychiatry named after S.S. Korsakov, 1966, v. 16, issue 3.
  2. Spinal mechanisms of temperature sensitivity of skin. Almaty: Science, 1984

He  has 16 copyright certificates. He prepared 10 candidates of sciences and three doctors of sciences. He was elected a member of the International Brain Research Organization (JBRO).

His wife is Gulzhan Suleimenovna, she was born in 1942. She is  doctor-teacher.

His son Daniyar was born in 1971. He has a higher technical education, works as a programmer. His wife Gulnara is an economist, their son Erik was born in 1992. Erik is the great-grandson of Zhumagali Tleulin.