Argynshiyev Sakpykerei (1887-1938)

6 Arginshiev (Argancheev) Sakipkerei Zharmenuly (Dzharmayevich) was born in the village No. 1 of the Karabinskoy volost of the Ural province,  Kazakh.  He was a member of the Socialist Revolutionary Party since 1907. He was a member of the Communist Party since 1917year. In the 1904 year he graduated from the vocational school (Uralsk) and the Voronezh School of Medical Assistants.

He participated in the Revolution of 1905-1907.  He joined the Socialist-Revolutionary organization.  He was arrested and was convicted to settlement of Kosostepnuy volost of Verkholensky ueyzd of Irkutsk province. Since February 1917 year  he was the agitator for organizing councils in the villages of the Karaobinsk volost of the Urals oblast. Since March of the 1918 year he was a commissioner for National Affairs, member of the Executive Committee, Deputy Chairman of the College of National Affairs of the Ural Oblast Revolutionary Committee. Since September 1919 year  he was an employee of the political department of the 4th Army of the Eastern Front. From December 1919 to October 1920, he headed the national department of the Kirghiz Revolutionary Committee (Orenburg). From October 1920 to June 1921  he was the Social Security Service of the KASSR. Since October 1921 year  he was a Chairman of the Supreme Tribunal, a member of the board of the People’s Commissariat of Justice of the KASSR, a member of the Regional Control Commission of the RCP (b) (The Russian Communist Party of the Bolsheviks) (Orenburg).

He was a delegate of the I-III Congresses of Soviets of Kazakhstan (1920-1922 years.). He was a delegate  of  the first  (1921) and second (1922)  Kazakhstan oblast conferences of the RCP (B.). (The Russian Communist Party of the Bolsheviks).  He was a member of the Kirghiz Revolutionary Committee, was  a member of the Presidium of the Kirghiz Regional Bureau of the RCP (B.), a member of The Kirghiz Regional Committee of the RCP (B.).

In the 1922-1924 years he was a Party worker in the oil fields (Guryev). In the 1924-1927 years he was a chairman and member of the board of the provincial agricultural union (Uralsk). In the1927-1931 years he was  a Deputy manager and a member of the board of the Kazakh regional office of the All-Union Joint Stock Company “Wool”, was a director of the Aulie-Ata Zoo Veterinary Technical School. In the 1932 year  he was a director of the Alma-Ata Zoo Veterinary Institute. In the 1933-1935 years he was a director of the Central Scientific Research Institute of Camel Science (Shymkent). In the 1935-1937 years he was a director of the Temir Experimental Station of Livestock (Aktyubinsk oblast).

He was repressed. Argynshiyev Sakpykerei was arrested on October 1937, then he  sentenced to death on February 1938. He was rehabilitated on June 1957.