Aldabargenov Serkul (1874-1935)

Serkul Aldabergenov was born in aul N 7 of Yana-Kurgan region of the South Kazakhstan oblast in the 1874year. He received an elementary education. He graduated from the eight-year male gymnasium, was educated in the specialty “Land Development and Water Use”. Returning to his native land, he assisted the local population in irrigation water supply. In 1904-1912 years  he served as deputy head of Perovsky Uyezd, investing in his field a lot of work for the socio-economic development of this region. He lived in the Tashkent region.

In Tashkent he began his work in the circle “Kenes”( Soviet) with the help of M. Shokai, and he got involved in political work. He closely communicated with representatives of the national intelligentsia S.Otegenov, K.Kozhykov, S.Akaev, A.Orazaev, S.Kozhanov and others.

In 1917 he was a participant from the Syrdarya oblast to the first All-Kazak Congress  in Orenburg. He was a delegate to the Turkestan Muslim Congress. At the Tashkent Congress of the Kazakhs he was one of the ideological inspirers of achieving the integrity of the territory – the national statehood.

After the establishment of Soviet power, he headed the Land Committee in Perov Uyezd. In the early 30 years, he was repressed  with other representatives of the national intelligentsia.

He was arrested by the NKVD (People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs) in the South-Kazakhstan region on June 28, 1934.