Comments and suggestions

Dear user!

You got acquainted with the electronic library “Alash” dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Alash party and the government of Alashorda.

We created an electronic library “Alash to get acquainted with the life, social activities, creativity of the Alashorda members, who  the first struggled  for the implementation of the idea of sovereignty.   This  the electronic library will become a project serving the benefit of the people in the future.

We have collected and placed all publications about the heritage and work of Alash figures, documents from libraries, archives, museums, educational institutions,  information from the personal funds of individual authors,  materials collected in neighboring countries for Internet users in digital format in  Kazakh and Russian . We hope that the collected material will help to increase the availability of information.

It should be noted that the work on the Alash electronic library has not been completed. In the future, the issue of increasing the availability of full-text materials will be considered, work will continue to sign copyright agreements  about   access to the full-text materials with authors and work with foreign libraries and archives to search for documents and valuable materials will also continue.

We will gratefully accept your suggestions for the electronic library “Alash” and are ready to consider all possible variants  for the implementation of your suggestions. Please send your suggestions and comments to under the topic “Alash. Comment “. Your opinions and suggestions are very important to us.