Tanashev Ualitkhan (1887-1968)


Tanashev Ualitkhan is a lawyer, a prominent figure of Alash Orda

He was born  in the Bokey Orda in 1887. He graduated from the law faculty of Kazan University. After the February revolution was created the Muslim Committee in Kazan. U. Tanashev was  political leader of the Muslim Committee.  He participated in the First Torgay oblast Kazakh Congress, held  in Orenburg on April 1-8, 1917. He  was appointed a deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the Mazhilis. At the second Kazakh Congress, he was elected a member of the National Council, a minister of the government for Alash Orda in Orenburg  from 5 to 13 December 1917. In 1918 he became participant of the Committee of members of the national Constituent Assembly. He was a member of  the Ufa meeting. Since 1919 he worked in the staff of the Military revolutionary Committee of the Kirghiz (Kazakh) region in Orenburg and he was  engaged  in the organization of the Kirghiz (Kazakh) Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. On17 August 1920, Tanashev met V. I. Lenin together with the Vice Prime Minister for Alash Orda   Alimhan Ermekov . There  were raised about the Kazakh Autonomous Republic and on its borders.

Tanashev developed the state publishing, one of the important branches of information at the moment for the Republic. The Central Bureau of Muslim was created organizations at the first all-Russian Congress of Muslim Communists in November, 1918 . The Bureau was included Seitkali Mendeshev from Kazakhstan. The Bureau started publishing books in the languages of the peoples of Central Asia and Kazakhstan. U. Tanashev participated in the preparation of the Decree “on Kazakh state publishing”, adopted by the Central Executive Committee of the Kyrghyz (Kazakh) ASSR on November 3, 1920. Thesis of Decree  (Rule) was established on 24 November. From 1921 to 1924 U. Tanashev was a  Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Kazakh SSR in  Moscow . He was a  Deputy of mission of Kazakhstan under the people’s Commissariat for nationalities. From 1924 to 1937 he was engaged in advocacy in the Supreme court of the Tatar ASSR in Kazan. In September 1937 he was arrested. In April 1949 he was exiled to Krasnoyarsk region. He  died in the Tatar ASSR in 1968.