Gabbasov Khalil (1888-1937)


Gabbasov Khalil was born on October 1, 1888 in the Chagan parish of Semipalatinsk district of the Semipalatinsk region.

He was studied at parish primary school, the Russian-Kazakh school in Semipalatinsk (1898-1901). He graduated from the Semipalatinsk male Grammar School (08.1901 – 06.1909).He was studied on the faculty of law, made off the physics mathematical faculty of the Moscow university (spring 1910-1911, autumn 1911-1915), got the diploma of the 2nd degree. From 1909 to the autumn of 1910 he worked as the teacher of schools in Seitenov parish of the Semipalatinsk district. By a spring 1911 he was dropped from the University for participating in a student strike.

At the beginning of 1917 Khalil Gabbasov becomes one of two comrades of chairman of the Semipalatinsk Organizing Kazakh Committee, Soviet of the Regional Organizing Kazakh Committee. In May 1917 he became a companion of the chairman of the Semipalatinsk Executive Committee.  In May, 1917 becomes the companion of chairman of the Semipalatinsk Executive Committee.

From June 22, 1917 year he is a member of Kazakh Semipalatinsk Regional Committee Land Committee. From October 1917 an organization of regional branches of “Alash” for active support of the local Kazakh committees was begun.  The Semipalatinsk separation of party was led by Khalil Gabbasov. The interim Semipalatinsk committee Alash included 11 persons with the head K. Gabbasov

In 1917 he was elected as a member All-Kazakh Soviet of “Alash-Orda” of the Semipalatinsk region. A central question of Congress became a question about creation of autonomy. On behalf of Commission Khalil Gabbasov made a report about autonomy, about creation of police and Nation Soviet.

In 1917-1918 Khalil Gabbasov worked as an editor of the “Sary-Arka” newspaper in Semipalatinsk.

On April 2, 1918 Kh. Gabbasov as people’s Commissar of nationalities on instructions of the President “Alash-Orda” of Bukeikhanov led talks on direct wire with Stalin from Semipalatinsk.  During the talks, leaders of “Alash-Orda” on the insistence of Lenin and Stalin were forced to admit “Soviet rule as central authority of all autonomous public entities in the country”. During the conversation, K. Gabbasov complained about the work of the local Council who closed the National Committee. They agreed that in exchange for recognition of the Soviet Government, the Centre will provide extensive rights of autonomy.

In June 1918 Kh. Gabbasov actively participated in creating documents of “Alash Orda”: “Attitude to legislation of the Soviet rule”, “About Zemstvo”, About the formation of a military Council under the Alash Orda”, “About the Organization of the rules of the Alash Orda region and counties” etc.

In 1920 he worked as a teacher at the Semipalatinsk Pedagogical College.

During the period of 1922-1928 he worked as one of the leaders in JSC “Khleboprodukt” (Bread product); Head of the operational department of the Alash Raiskelkhozsoyuz (Regional agricultural union) cooperative; On the leading work in the State Planning Committee of the KSSR; he was a member of the Presidium of the State Planning Committee.

On October 16, 1928 Khalil Gabbasov was arrested in Semipalatinsk by the employees of the UPSA (United Political State Administration). He was sentenced by UPSA (United Political State Administration) in the SNK of the USSR under art. 58-4, 58-1 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR on April 4, 1930, to 6 years of forced labor camps. On January 18, 1931 he was sentenced by the Collegium of the UPSA USSR in the KASSR, was charged under articles 58-7, 58-11, 59-3 Criminal Code of the RSFSR to 10 years of forced labor camps. In 1937 he was arrested and sentenced to the highest degree of punishment by the “troika” of PCIA

He was rehabilitated on November 4, 1988 by the Supreme Court of KazSSR for lack of corpus delicti.