Kozeyev Karabay (1894-1938)

Kozeyev Karabay was born in the Lbischensky uyezd of the Ural oblast, of the volost of Sonaly, (now Karatobinsky district, the village of Ushagash) in 1894. He was  a participant of the Alash movement in the Ural’s area. He studied at the rural mullah, he graduated from the Russian-Kazakh school. In  1906-1916 , after finishing, he  get  a job for Turash Bay in the village N 3 of the  volost Sonala. In 1916, he was taken to the Western Front and he worked as a laborer in the Minsk province. In 1917  he returned to his homeland. In  1918  Kozeyev Karabay joined the ranks of the people’s police. In  1920  he was a divisional policeman in the Karatobin okrug. In   1921-1923  he worked in detachment of CHON (Special purpose department). Since 1924 he was a chairman of the Eventnkolsky executive committee. Since 1925 he is a member of the Russian Communist Party. He was participated  in operation of Shchitov against Kunyskerey Kozhakhmetov. But he supported the policy of K. Kozhakhmetov and persuaded Shchitov to take his side.

In  1926-1928  he is elected a chairman of the Aschyshay regional executive committee. In  1930 he was a chairman of  the Zhangalinsky district Soviet of the executive committee, in 1931 he was a chairman of the executive committee of the district of Abral of Semipalatinsk oblast.  In   1932-1934  he was a chairman of the Executive Committee of the Zhyla district of Guriev oblast. In  1934  he was  a chairman of the working committee of the state farm Esensay of the Taipak district. In  1935-1938  he was a  chairman of the working committee of the Karatobe meat state farm. In  1937   during the repression he acts in defense of the innocent victims. In  1937  he retired and moved to the village of Ushagan, a year later he died. He was buried in the first department of the Karatobin district of the Shoptykol okrug. His younger brother Zhayylkhan died in Almaty, his son Nurtai Korabaev lives in Karatob. His figure  was the prototype of the hero in the novel by H.Esenjanov “The Zhunusov Brothers”.