Kenzhin Aspandiyar (1887-1938)

Kenzhin Aspandiyar is a public figure. He graduated from the Orenburg Teachers School in 1916. Before the February Revolution of 1917 he worked as a teacher. He was appointed  to A.Bokeikhanov’s place as a  head of the department of non-Russian  peoples of the All-Russian Zemstvo Union. In  1917-1919 he took an active part in the work of the government of Alash Orda and the “Alash” party. He was the chairman of the zemstvo administration of the Temir uyezd, a member of the Turgai Military Soviet of the Alash  Orda government.

The 1-st All-Kazak Congress elected Kenzhin as the representative of the Kazakh people to the All-Russian Constituent Commission.  At the 2nd All-Kazahk Congress A. Kenzhin was elected a candidate for the National Council of the Alash Orda. At the Karatobin congress of the Kazakhs of the Urals oblast he was one of the initiators of the creation of the ‘Ak Zhol’ (“ Bright Road” ) party in January 1918. He held talks  with the White Guards (Kolchak) and the Red Guards (A. Zhangeldin) on behalf of the government of  Alash Orda.

Since 1920  he was a member of the CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union), he was a deputy of head of the propaganda department of  Kazakh district Committee , a commissar of the  People’s Commissariat of Education of KazASSR.  In  1921-1922 he was  a Commissar of Trade. He was a chairman of the parliamentary committee on the transfer of the capital of the republic to Kyzyl-Orda, which became known as the “Kenzhinskaya Commission”. He was also a chairman of the Council of the National Economy of Kazakhstan, a  head of the construction of the Semipalatinsk meat-packing plant, the representative of the procurement committee under the Council of People’s Commissars of the USSR in Turkmenistan, and  he was a deputy director of Oblast  leather procurement  in Orenburg. Three times he was expelled from the party in 1921, 1932 and 1936 . He was declared the enemy of the people, he was shot in 1938.