Sarbopin Nugyman (1890-1918)

Sarbopin Nugyman is a member of the Alash movement, the first Kazakh officer with a special military education. He was born in the Ilbishin County in the Karatobinsk district of the Ural region. In 1910 he graduated from the St. Petersburg College “Alexander’s Cavalry”. After graduation he went to serve in the army in the 553rd military regiment on the border of China-Russia. Participant of the First World War of 1914-1917. Having finished the war in the rank of captain of the Western Front he returned to Moscow. In summer of 1917, he arrived in Orenburg. Here he met with such leaders of the “Alash” movement as A.Baitursynov, A.Bokeikhanov, M.Dulatov. He was engaged in the opening of schools, publishing houses, the publication of teaching aids, the creation of dramatic circles, public and cultural enlightenment. After the restoration of Soviet power in Orenburg he returned to Uralsk. In the course of the trip he got into a firefight of the detachment “Ural Cossacks” and died heroically. He died in 1918.