Samatov Mukhtar Samatovich (1894-1938)

04Mukhtar Samatovich Samatov was born in Bayan-Aul district of Karkaralinsk district of Karaganda region, He is Kazakh. He was a member of the “Alash” party in 1917-1918, a member of the Communist Party since 1920. In 1917 he graduated from the agricultural school of Omsk, in 1919 he finished one course of the Omsk Polytechnic Institute. In 1910-1913 he was a translator of the Petersburg statistical expedition to Pavlodar, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Zaisan counties, and a teacher of Pavlodar County. In 1913-1917 he was a student at an agricultural school. In 1918-1919 he was an instructor of the regional zemstvo board, a student of the Polytechnic Institute of Omsk. In 1920 he was a Deputy Chairman of the Karkaraly County Executive Committee. From October 1920 to October 1921 he was a Deputy People’s Commissar; from October 1921 to March 1924 he was People’s Commissar of Food of the KASSR. From 1924 to February 1925 he was a chairman of the Center for Social and Economic Research of the KASSR. In 1925-1927 years he was the lecturer of the Regional Soviet School; in 1926-1927 he was the manager of the Kazakh regional publishing house of Kyzyl-Orda. In 1927-1928 he was a chairman of the Semipalatinsk gubernia executive committee. In 1928-1929 he was the head of the Water Management Department of the KASSR of Kyzyl-Orda. In 1930-1931 he was a deputy head of the department “Kazmedstroy”. In 1931 – 1932 he was a deputy director of the plant “Kazpolymetal” in Shymkent. In 1932-1937 he was a deputy chairman of the State Planning Commission of the Kazakh SSR, then head of the Department of Economic Accounting. He was repressed. In February 1938 he was sentenced to be shot. He was rehabilitated. He was a member of the Akmola regional committee of the “Alash” party.