Muhitov Gubaidulla

Muhitov Gubaidulla Muhamedzhanovich  was born  in the Ural oblast, Ilbishinskiy  uyezd, Zhaksybaiskaya volost, village Akbakay in 1892. He was a member of Western Alash Orda, a composer.

After Zhaksybekov Russian-Kazakh school he became a teacher in the Ural Seminary. He worked in the rear on the Western front in 1916. In the summer of 1917 he returned home and participated in the movement Alash Orda. He worked in the Executive Committee and the local district Council. In May of 1918, he took part in the 4th Kazakh Urals regional Congress  in Zhampitty. In the summer of this year he  studied in the First Kazakh cadet of cavalry, opened in Uilskiy uyezd. He graduated  from cadet school on October 1, 1918.  Then he received the rank of ensign, and began to teach  newly recruited young people to military art for the Alash regiment. The rank of a military officer allowed him to continue to participate in Orenburg and Turkestan military actions.

Muhitov  Gubaidulla was a figure of the Western Alash Orda, officer of police of Alash.   He was persecuted for it.

Muhitov Gubaidulla  was a  singer and composer, he helped to record songs of Mukhit’s father  to Zataevich.

In the 30-ies of the 20th century, worked in the Ural Executive Committee, he was subjected to political repression. In October 1937, he was declared an enemy of the people and sentenced to 10 years in prison, but the sentence was changed and he two years later was released.