Mustanbayev Idris (1898-1937)

35Mustanbayev Idris was born on November 8, 1898, now Zharma region of the East Kazakhstan region – died on November 15, 1937 in Almaty. He was a member of the Alash movement, literary critic, and a scientist of Abai. He graduated from Tinibay madrasah, 2-class Russian-Kazakh school; Semipalatinsk Grammar School. He worked as a telegraph operator at the post office. In 1918 he took part in the creation of the Alash Cavalry Military Regiment in Semipalatinsk. In 1919-1921, being a member of the Provincial Committee and the Provincial Executive Committee in Semipalatinsk, he held senior positions in the Semipalatinsk, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Ayagoz, and Zaisan Counties. In 1920, at the Constituent Assembly of the KASSR he was elected as a member of the CEC. In 1921-1923 years he was a prosecutor in the Urals region; in 1924-1925 he was a prosecutor in Akmola province; in 1925-1926 he was a Chairman of the Syrdariya Provincial Executive Committee, instructor of KazCIC. In 1926, he was accused of “Syrdariya case” and “Shayan case”. In 1926-1927 years he was a People’s Commissar of Communication of the KASSR; in 1927 he was a public prosecutor at a trial, held in Semipalatinsk in the case Annenkov.

In the last years of life he was on Soviet, party and economic work. Mustanbayev was repeatedly expelled from the ranks of the party on charges of “sadwakasovshchina” for disagreeing with the policy of the party and government on the land issue, in the issues of class struggle in the village, dekulakization of bays and, in general, with the national policy of the regional government F.I. Goloshchekin.

Mustanbayev took an active part in the literary life of Kazakhstan, contributed to its study. He defended the literary heritage of Abai, A. Baitursynov, M. Zhumabayev from attacks on Soviet party and ideological bodies.

Mustanbayev Idris was arrested on January 17, 1933. The decision of the College of the OGPU (United Political State Administration) on July 4, 1933 was concluded in the Correctional labor camp for a period of 5 years under art. 58 p. 2, Criminal Code of the RSFSR for counter-revolutionary activities.

By decree of the troika of the People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs (PCIA) of the Alma-Ata region on November 16, 1937, “for active participation in the anti-Soviet nationalist terrorist-insurgent and espionage-sabotage organization” was sentenced to be shot.

By the decision № 22 / 048 of the Judicial Collegium for Criminal Cases of the Supreme Court of the Kazakh SSR on May 9, 1959, the decision of the troika of the PCIA (People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs) of the Alma-Ata region of November 15, 1937, regarding I.Mustambayev, was stopped due to lack of corpus delicti. He was rehabilitated on February 18, 1991.