Mukanov Mukhambetkali

Mukanov Mukhambekali Mashkaliuly was born in the Ural region, the Ural district, the Lower Barbastau district, the Kultai village. He is a member of the Western Alash Orda. M. Mukanov’s father, a native of poor peasants, was very literate. M. Mukanov graduated from the Russian-Kazakh school, very early began to engage in social and political activities, especially his activity was noticeable in 1905 during the first Russian revolution, together with B. Karatayev and A. Zhubanalin.

After 1905, he initiated the campaign for the election of deputies to the First State Duma from the Urals Kazakhs.

He was among the founders of the first political party in the Kazakh steppe, the Kazakh Constitutional Democratic Party, and prepared its program. In December 1905, he was one of the initiators of the congress of the Kazakh Cadet Party, established from five regions (Akmola, Semipalatinsk, Turgay, Ural and Zhetysu). M. Mukanov joined the Central Committee of the Congress, which also included B. Karatayev, G. Berdiyev, Kh.Dosmukhamedov, Y.Tokberdinov, M.Rakymberdiyev.

In April 1917, M. Mukanov was appointed deputy head of the rural municipality. In the same year he was a participant in the 2nd Ural Regional Congress on matters of the zemstvo council.

In April 1919 K. Karatayev in the Bolshevik newspaper “Yaitskaya Pravda” in the list of members of the Alash Orda also indicated the name of M. Mukanov.

In spring of 1919, M. Mukanov was among the military revolutionary committee, in May of the same year he was arrested along with M.Ipmagambetov and S.Bekmagambetov, was imprisoned in the Wil prison, where he was soon released with the help of his associates. Beginning in April 1920, M. Mukanov worked as a courier in the regional commissariat of public education.

There is no information about the further fate of M.Mukanov.