Mergenov Zhankozha

Zhankozha Mergenov – the dates of birth and death are not known. He is an activist of the Western Alash Orda. Zhankozha Mergen refers to those figures which differed in their organizational abilities. In summer of 1915 Zh. Mergenov, together with Kh. Dosmukhamedov, Zh. Myrzagaliyev, Zh. Mendibayev, Sh. Esenov and A. Zholdasbekov, organized the Kokzharsk Fair, where more than 6 thousand rubles were collected to help Russia, participating in the First World War. For this action Zh. Mergenov was awarded gratitude from the military governor of the Ural region Khabalov.

In December 1917, he participated in the 2nd All-Kazakh Congress in the number of honorary representatives, joined the Provisional Council of Alash Orda Nationalities. In May 1918 Zh. Mergenov, along with D. Kusepkaliyev, was deputy chairman of the IV Kazakh Ural Congress, which was held in Zhampity. At this congress, Zh. Mergenov was elected as a member of the completed Provisional Uil government, was responsible for the internal policy of the government. In September 1918, he participated in the creation of the Western Branch of the Alash Orda.

In late 1918 – early 1919 Zh. Mergenov headed the detachment of the People’s Militia Alash, was engaged in food collecting.

The further fate of Zh. Mergenov is not known.