Kodarov Karasai (1898 – 1935)

Karasai Kodarov is an activist of the Alash  Orda of the Western Branch, a people’s teacher.

Kodarov was born in the Tashchagyl district of Karakol volost of Guryevsky uyezd in 1898. In 1906 he graduated from the Karakol one-year Russian-Kazakh school.  In  1908  he graduated from the two-year Russian-Kazakh school of Romanov. In  1914-1915  he studied at the Orenburg Russian-Kazakh Teacher’s School, which he excellent graduated . After graduation from the teacher’s school he worked in Altykarasuy volost school of Aktobe  uyezd. In 1918  he took part in the IV Ural Regional Congress of Kazakhs. At first K. Kodarov was the member of Wil government, and later  he was in the Western branch of the government of Alash  Orda and  he worked  in administrative activities in the volost, uyezd  and  oblast departments of the Zemstvo and  in the departments of education. After the break-up of the Western branch of the Alash Orda government, Kodarov worked  in the Orenburg department of public education under Kazakh Revolution Committee.  In 1920-1921  he worked as a member of the commission of the Kazakh department of public education. In  1922  he returned to his homeland and  and  he managed  the Karakol School. In  1920-1930   K.Kodarov was the head of the Zhympitin Executive Committee of the Department of Public Education, the Department of Public Education of the Guriev okrug, the Urals Oblast Department of Public Education.

Kodarov Karasai died in the city of Chapaev of  the West Kazakhstan region in 1935.