Kenesarin Azimkhan (1878-1937)


Kenesarin Azimkhan Ahmetuly is a member of the Alash Orda movement. He is  grandson of Kenesary Kasymov. He graduated from Shymkent city school in 1897.

In 1905 Kenesarin participated in writing a petition to the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Russian Empire S. Yu. Witte. On  November 12, 1917 he organized a Congress of the Kazakhs of Aulie-Ata uyezd. He is a Deputy Chairman at the 2nd All-Kazahk Congress. Since 1921 year he was a secretary of the Syrdarya Revolutionary Committee, he was a head of the land department of the county executive committee, hydraulic engineer. In  1930   he was arrested on a charges of “nationalism”. He was re-arrested in 1937 and  he was sentenced to be shot. In  1956  he was posthumously rehabilitated.