Karatileuov Salimgirey (1887-1938)

Karatileuov Salimgirey is an active figure in the “Alash” party of the Western branch of the Alash of the Orda. S.Karatileuov was born in Guryevsky uyezd of the Ural oblast in 1887. He died on February 26, 1938. He graduated from the agricultural school in Mariinsk, Saratov. He participated in the creation of the Provisional Regional Kazakh Committee in Uralsk. In 1918 he arrived in Temir, where he was appointed chairman of the county executive committee. He led the detachment as part of the 4th Turgai Alash regiment, he took part in hostilities in the Turgai steppe. In the spring of 1919, he participated in battles in the army formed on the basis of the unification of the Red Army and Alash regiment (Amangeldy Imanov led this army). In 1920 he arrived in Uralsk and participated in the work of the Soviets and became a member of the Ural Gubernia Committee. In the same year he was appointed a head of the Ural provincial land administration. In 1924 he worked in the People’s Commissariat of Agriculture. In 1927 he appointed a head of the sector of the cotton industry at the State Planning Committee of the People’s Commissariat. In 1928 he was director of the Temir Agricultural Experimental Station, he was a director of the “Degeres” Plant for the cultivation of valuable breeds of horses (Almaty oblast). In 1929 he was arrested by the NKVD. In 1937 he was again arrested.