Kalmenov Alpysbai (1869-1937)


Kalmenov Alpysbai is a public figure, a financier, a member of the Alash Orda movement. A. Kalmenov was born in Temir district of Aktobe oblast. He graduated from a gymnasium and a university in the city of Orenburg. He held the post of titular adviser to the Provisional Soviet  for the management of the Bokei  Horde.  On April 27, 1906 he was elected a deputy of the First State Duma from the Urals region. After the February Revolution of 1917, he took an active part in the work of the Kazakh congresses and the organization of local branches of the Alash Orda government. He was a head  together with the brothers Dosmukhamedov of the Western branch of the Alash Orda government .He worked  in the banking sector in Moscow and Kiev. The first banknotes of Bolsheviks (“thirty”, 3 rubles and 1 ruble) are signed by him. In  1937 he was repressed.