Zholdyuly Tanjaryk (1903-1947)

23Tanjaryk Zholdyuly is Kazakh  akyn, educator, composer, who left behind thirty thousand different poems. T. Zholdyuly is a public figure who joined the struggle for equality and independence of the people. He is also the first theatrical organizer of the play by Beimbet Maylin “Shuga” and the founder of the first newspaper of Kazakhs of China “Ile ozeni”. According to the writer Kaldarbek Naimanbaev, T. Zholdybaiuly is a spiritual follower  of Abai, Shakarim, Magzhan and the founder of written literature among the Kazakhs of China.

He was born in the valley of Ile in 1903. He  received his first education from Mynbay Molda, who taught him oriental culture and Kazakh literature. Tanjaryk Zholdyuly was always knew  news about what was happening on his native Kazakh land, as he read the newspapers “Kazah” and “Ay qap”. He also knew  Arabic and Persian and Chinese languages.  In   1923 Tanzharyk Zholdyuly came to the Kazakh land.  He immediately entered the Russian-Kazakh school and he got acquainted with real life in Kazakhstan.

After returning to China, he actively began cultural and educational activities. He issued newspapers, assisted in the organization of theaters. Tanjaryk Zholdyuly was the organizer of the “Kazakh-Kyrgyz cultural and educational movement”. He secretly entered into a struggle against the colonial policy of China together with the figures of Alash of Orda Rayymzhan Marsekov and Seitzhan Zhainakov. In 1940 he was arrested by the Chinese authorities. He continued to work on his works in prison. Tanjaryk Zholdyuly died at the age of 44 in 1947.