Zhankadamov Bijan (1889 – 1937)


Zhankadamov Bijan (Bizhangali) Abylkasymuly  was born in Kaldigaily volost of Lbischensky uyezd of the former Ural region  in 1889.

In 1912 he graduated from the Ural military real school. In 1913 he entered the Kazan Veterinary Institute, where he studied for 3 years.

In 1916, B. Zhankadamov was sent as part of a delegation on the issue of sending Kazakhs to the rear work to Petrograd.  In March 1917 he went  under the leadership of A. Bukeykhanov with other educated Kazakhs  to the Western Front for return  the people involved in the rear work to their home.

After the February bourgeois-democratic revolution of 1917, he returned to his homeland and began to actively participate in social and political life. Since 1917 year he was a chairman of the Zhymptinsky Uyezd Land Administration under Alash Orda, he was a member of the Ural regional zemstvo.

As prominent figures of Alashordy as M.Shokai, H.Dosmukhamedov, I.Kashkenbayev and B.Karataev  he contributed a lot to the activities of the Alash Orda  government.  Until 1937 he worked as the chief veterinarian in the district land department of the West Kazakhstan region.

In 1937  B. Zhankadamov  was arrested on  false political charges brought against him. On November 25, 1937, the “troika” of the West Kazakhstan regional administration of the NKVD was sentenced to be shot. December 2, 1937 was shot. He was completely rehabilitated by decision of the Board of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan on September 16, 1992.