Zhaynakov Ybyrayaym (years of birth and death unknown)

Zhainakov Ybyrayym (years of birth and death unknown) he was  an activist of the Alash movement. He was born in the Vernensky uyezd of the Zhetysu oblast. He graduated from the Vernenskoy male gymnasium. He worked as an interpreter in the Administration of the Zhetysu oblast. He actively participated in public and political life.  On October 21, 1911  was passed conference of volost members and aksakals  under the direction of Y. Zainakova. This conference took  decision to sent representatives of the local population to St. Petersburg with a request to members of the State Duma to prevent the intervention of the political search departments in the affairs of the local population. Y.Zainakov participated in the preparation and holding of the All-Russian Congress of Muslims. At the time of exacerbation of the situation in the region because of appearance of the tsar’s decree of June 25, 1916  he opposed the people’s uprising.

At a meeting of the population of the Vernensky Uyezd  he made a speech in which he urged the people not to take hasty action and try to resolve the situation by peaceful means to prevent victims in the city of Verny  on July 14, 1916.  After the February Revolution of 1917, he participated in the implementation of socio-political transformations in the province. He participated in the organization of the first congress of the Kazakh Committee of the Zhetysu oblast on April 12-23. In this congress  81 delegates took part. He acted as chairman of the congress. On July 19, 1917 he was appointed deputy commissioner of the Provisional Government in the Zhetysu oblast. He was a participant of the 1 st and 2 nd All-Kazakh Congresses of 1917. He was  a deputy from Zhetysu oblast to the All-Russian Constituent Assembly. In July-August 1917 he participated together with A. Bokeikhanov, M. Shokay, Zh. Dosmukhamedov in a meeting of members of the Siberian Government and Constituent Assembly of Chelyabinsk. He was occupied with the return of Kazakhs and Kyrgyz who fled to China after suppressing the national liberation uprising of 1916. He helped to provide food for the hungry Zhetysu, regulated relations between the indigenous population and the settlers. He was a chairman of the 2 nd Congress of the Kazakh Committee of the Zhetysu region  in the city of Lepsy onAugust 10-31, 1918. He addressed the congress participants with a proposal to publish regional newspapers in Kazakh and Kyrgyz languages. After the Bolsheviks came to power and changed the socio-political situation in the country, Zhainakov moved to China together with some members of the Alash movement. In China  he strived to organize armed resistance to the Bolsheviks. The further fate of Zhainakova is unknown.