Birimzhanov Gazymbek (1896-1938)


Birimzhanov Gazymbek is a public figure, journalist.

Gazimbek Birimzhanov was born in the Tosyn volost of Torgai uyezd of Aktobe oblast  in 1896. He graduated from the Orenburg real school, then he finished the medical faculty of the Central Asian University. He was a representative of Alash Orda in the Bashkir government. He participated in negotiations with Kolchak  on behalf of Alash Orda.

In  1921-1922  he worked as an editor of the newspaper “  Ak Zhol” ( Bright way). He signed his articles by the pseudonym “Shegen”. In  1928 he graduated from the Agricultural Department of the University of Berlin. In the same year, after returning to Moscow, he was arrested  with other members of Alash Orda A. Bokeykhanov, A. Baitrursynov and others  and  he was sent to exile in Medvezhyorsk.

In 1937  G. Birimzhanov was repressed again by political reasons and he was sentenced to death. He was rehabilitated in  1988.