Berdiyev Gubaidulla (1885 – 1922)


Berdiyev Gubaydulla Escaliuly is one of the first Kazakh veterinarians,  is a member of Alash Orda.

Gubaidulla Escaliuli was born in the village of Akzhayik of Makhambet district of  the Atyrau region  in 1885.  He was educated and taught literacy from his uncle Doshan, who served as an interpreter. In 1903-1909 he studied at the Kazan Veterinary Institute. After graduation he worked in Guryev Uyezd, in the volosts of Simberty, Zharshyk.

He was a member of the Cadet Party. He took part in the development of the program of the Kazakh constitutional-democratic party. He was among the organizers of the Ural Committee of Constitutional-Democratic party of Kazakhs.

The program of the Kazakh branch of the Cadet Party expressed national interests, and although the attempt to organize it failed, it played a role in the formation of the national self-consciousness of the Kazakh people, and prepared a platform for the creation of an independent Kazakh party. Gubaidulla Berdiyev was a  representative  from the Urals oblast to the  All Kazakh Congress, which was held in Orenburg on July 21-26, 1917.  After the formation of the “Alash” party and the government of Alash Orda he became their member. He active  took part  in the Western branch of Alash Orda.  He headed the Kyzylkoginsky volost municipality committee.