Zhakyp Akbaev

The wife of Zhakyp Akbaev – Gulbakhor (Gulbagar)

The Tatar girl Gulbagar Bekmetova from the famous Bekmetov dynasty became Zhakyp Akbaev’s life friend. At one time, the Bekmetovs took an active part in the social and economic life of Kazakhstan, deeply mastering national traditions. Built in the 19th century by a wealthy merchant Khaliolla Khamituly Bekmetov (1833–1903), the house is now a historical and cultural monument in the city of Karkaralinsk, taken under state protection.

After graduating from university with a gold medal, Zhakyp returns to his native village. On the instructions of his parents and friends, he married; he met a beautiful girl Gulbahor. Zhakyp’s parents wooed the daughter of the merchant Haliolla.

However, a spoiled, pampered beauty, critically assessing said that she would not marry him. After some time, Zhakyp, having driven up to the house in Karkaralinsk, where Abai’s museum is now located, began to get out of the cart. He was a handsome, neat horseman, with a small cane, in a hat and fashionable shoes. The appearance of Zhakyp, dressed in a European style, apparently made a strong impression on the girl who saw him from the window of her room. Suddenly, having lost her peace, she ran up to her mother who was in the kitchen and said, breathlessly: “I will probably marry this Kazakh”…

Later, once returning from Omsk, where he bought medicines, reaching the aul, Zhakyp gathered barefoot Kazakh children and made his wife wash their feet, and then heal them with these medicines. Watching this picture with particular interest from the top of the hill, he said: “Children of Kiikbai (Kiikbai – great-grandfather of Zhakyp-aga – author), you are probably grateful to me – he made Bekmetov’s daughter wash your feet, what do you need more?”…

Gulbakhor was a very prominent and beautiful woman. Zhakyp affectionately called her Gulbish.


Descendants of Zhakyp Akbaev

Descendants: with his wife Gulbakhor Zhakyp Akbaev had two sons and four daughters named: Kamilmurat (son), Kamilshat (son), Arguniya (daughter), Naimaniya (daughter), Aspaziya (daughter), Andromeda (daughter). The eldest daughters were named after the families of the Kazakhs – Argyns and Naimans.

In 1941, at the beginning of the war, Sons Kamilmurat (1910-1960) and Kamilshat (1916-1976) were one of the first to go to the front and after returning to the end of their lives worked as teachers.

Arguniya is a graduate of the Central Asian State University, candidate of chemical sciences (1961), associate professor, and head of the department of chemistry of Kazakh State Women’s Pedagogical Institute.

Naimaniya is a graduate of Kazakh Pedagogical Institute, candidate of philological sciences (1970), associate professor.

Andromeda is a graduate of the Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov, candidate of biological sciences (1967).

Aspaziya is a graduate of the Alma-Ata Institute of Law, Doctor of Law of the USSR, author of a monograph on the laws of Kazakhs. Aspaziya’s daughter – Akmaral Arystanbekova – Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the first years of independence headed the permanent mission of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the UN in New York.

Zhakyp Akbayev’s daughter-in-law – Byrganym Aitimova (Chairman of the Committee on Social and Cultural Development and Science of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan). Prominent statesmen and scientists of Kazakhstan gathered at the round table dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the birth of the first Kazakh master of law Zhakyp Akbaev in the Karaganda State Technical University. Among the participants of the round table was the Senator of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Byrganym Aitimova. In the 90s the daughter-in-law Byrganym Aitimova (Chairman of the Committee on Social and Cultural Development and Science of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan) together with her mother-in-law Arguniya Zhakypkyzy petitioned about exoneration of Zhakyp Akbayev. And only then the family was surprised to know that their father is rehabilitated posthumously in 1958. For many years children of Zhakyp Akbayev didn’t know about this fact and worried that their father was forgotten undeservedly and he was punished so cruelly. Without a doubt, they got some shock. But the main thing here is that good name of Zhakyp Akbayev is restored and it again stands in same row with the great people, whose lives were given for sacred fight for the freedom of the Motherland. Byrganym Aitimova conveyed photos, personal belongings and manuscripts of Zhakyp Akbayev to Karaganda Regional Archieve.



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