Khalel Gabbasov

The wife of Khalel Gabbasov – Ramiya

 (Years of birth and death are unknown) 

Ramiya is a wife of Khalel Gabbasov, she was very well-mannered person, came from the Tobykty clan. (According to the memories of cousin of poet Berikbol, her name was Ramiya, but in memories of G.Dulatova her name was Marziya). She and Khalel had two boys and one girl. Sons are Kadyr, Zaben. There is no information about daughter’s name. According to some sources in 1926 Khalel indicates in his own completed questionnaire that he has two daughters… Names are not written.


Kadyr Khaleluly Gabbasov

 (Year of birth is unknown – 1960)

Kadyr Khaleluly Gabbasov belongs to subgenus Ali of genus Tarakty of Neuter gender. Ancestral settlements were Chingistau, Akbulak, Degelen. Kadyr Khaleluly took part in The Great Patriotic War. He has lost one arm in the war, he wore prosthesis. After the War he worked as an accountant. The wife was a Tatar by nationality, a very beautiful woman, who had two daughters from her first marriage. Kadyr had no children from the marriage.

Kadyr Khaleluly died in 1960 without leaving any descendants.

Zaben Khaleluly Gabbasov

 (Years of birth and death are unknown)

The year of birth of Gabbasov Zaben Khaleluly is unknown; he died in the years of the War from the illness. He was not married.


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