Abylaev Aitkali ( the birth date is not known-death date is not known)

The birth and death dates of Aitkali Abylaev are not known. He was born in Zhympitinsky district  of  Ural oblast.  He is an outstanding representative of the movement Alash Orda, an officer who was a member of the staff of the Kazakh national military guard. On the eve of the February Revolution, he graduated from the Ural Military School. In the summer of 1918, according the decision of the forth Kazakh Ural regional congress he took part in the development of the training of command staff from among the youth studying in gymnasiums, real schools, teachers’ schools, district Russian-Kazakh schools, volost Russian-Kazakh schools. In this direction, the example of the Russian military school was taken as a basis.

He assisted in collecting taxes. When he formed part of  police Alash, he  led the campaign to staff the army from among the population.

In 1918 year he headed the military garrison Alash in Zhympity.

In 1931, he was sentenced to death as an enemy of the people and a participant in anti-Soviet activities. He spent several years in labor camps. The date of death is not known.