Shonanov Telzhan (1894 – 1938)


Shonanov Telzhan was born in 1894, the date of death is February 27, 1938, Kazakh linguist, social scientist.

He was born in the village № 4, which was part of the Irgiz district of the Aktyubinsk region, in a peasant family. He had a higher education. In 1918 he joined the “Alash Orda”, in 1919 he moved to the Soviet positions. He worked in the educational authorities in Semipalatinsk, then in Orenburg. In 1921 he was arrested for “anti-Soviet nationalist activity”, spent several months under investigation, and in 1922 was released. He conducted pedagogical activity in Orenburg, and then moved to Alma-Ata. Since the late twenties before his arrest, he was an assistant professor at the Kazakh language department at the Kazakh Pedagogical Institute. The authorship of a number of textbooks and scientific works belongs to him; he was one of the creators of the Kazakh terminology.

In July 1937 he was arrested. On November 1, 1937, an indictment was drawn up, he was convicted under art. 58-11 (participation in a counter-revolutionary organization), as well as under art. 58-2-7-8-13 (participation in sabotage, terror, as well as in direct participation in the massacre of revolutionary workers and peasants). On February 27, 1938 he was sentenced. On the same day he was shot. On August 13, 1990 issued an opinion, on the basis of which on September 18, 1992 Shonanov was rehabilitated for lack of corpus delicti.