Niyazov Batyrkaiyr (1872- the date of death is unknown.)

Niyazov Batyrkaiyr Zhusipovich is a leader of the Alash movement. Niyazov Batyrkaiyr was born in 1872. He graduated from the Faculty of Law of St. Petersburg Imperial University. In 1911 he twice wrote a petition to the Governor of Astrakhan on permission to issue the “Alash” newspaper, but the petitions were rejected, they were the impetus for a lack of confidence in B.Niyazov. In 1917, B. Niyazov was appointed temporary commissioner of the Bokei Orda. At the 1st All-Kazakh Congress on behalf of the Alash party he was elected as a deputy of the All-Russian Council from the Bokei Orda. At the 2nd All-Kazakh Congress he was elected as a candidate for membership in the Alash Orda government. He was an active member of the Alash movement. The documents testifying to the life and activities of B. Niyazov under Soviet power have not been preserved.

The date of B. Niyazov’s death is not known.