Zhanaidarov Seilbek (1884-1929)

18Zhanaidarov Sailbek Meiramuly is a leader of the Alash movement, a lawyer. In 1913 he graduated from the Faculty of Law of St. Petersburg University. After graduation, he worked in Vitebsk in the provincial finance department. On the eve of the February bourgeois-democratic revolution and the October coup, together with M. Dulatov, M. Shokay, A. Birimzhanov actively participated in the national-democratic movement in the Kazakh steppe. In 1916 he returned from Vitebsk to his homeland, worked as a tax inspector in the city of Atbasar. In 1916 he participated in the work to provide assistance to Kazakh youth, requisitioned to the front for logistical work. He participated in the 1st All-Kazakh Congress, held in Orenburg, as a delegate from the Akmola region. He was elected a member of the Alash Orda government. In 1918, by order of A. Bukeikhanov, he was appointed a judge in the Akmola region. After the formation of the Kazakh Autonomous Republic, he was appointed a member of the collegium of the republican financial people’s commissariat in Orenburg, worked as deputy people’s commissar, people’s commissar. After the transfer of the capital to Kyzyl-Orda, he headed the Kazakhstan Agricultural Bank.