Zhakypbayev Nusipbek (1890 – 1932)

Zhaksypbayev Nusipbek was born in 1890 in Volost of Ulken Almaty, the former Zhetysu region, a public figure. In 1911 he graduated from the Vernensk Men’s Grammar School, and in 1916, the Faculty of Medicine of Kiev University he graduated with honors. Upon graduation from the University in 1916 he worked in the Zhetysu region as a member of the commission at medical posts for requisitioned for rear work, to the front. In December of the same year he became a doctor in the village of Urdzhar.

At the 2nd congress of Kazakhs of Zhetysu region, held on August 10-31, 1918 in Lepsy, was elected as a member of the newly created regional committee Alash. In 1923 he became deputy head of the department of health protection of the Zhetysu region; in 1924-1926 he was a head of the health protection department of Zhetysu province, member of the executive committee of Zhetysu province. In 1925 he participated in the 1st All-Union Congress of Physicians, as well as in the congress held in Orenburg provincial departments for health protection.

He died in 1832.