Boshtayev Mukysh (1897-1921)

Mukysh Boshtayev was born in 1897 in Pavlodar County (the former Semipalatinsk region), an activist of the Alash movement, a lawyer. He graduated from the Faculty of Law of Kazan University in 1917. Under the Provisional Government, he was a chairman of the Court of Pavlodar County.

He actively participated in the work of the Kazakh committee of the Semipalatinsk region. At the 1st All-Kazakh Congress he was nominated as a member of the Alash Party for the All-Russian Constituent Assembly. At the 2nd All-Kazakh Congress he was elected as a candidate for membership in the Alash Orda government.

The life and work of Mukysh Boshtayev, an activist of the Alash movement, is closely connected with the Pavlodar County. M. Boshtayev is a native of Bayanaul – graduated from St. Petersburg University, according to some sources, according to others, Kazan University. He was a lawyer by profession.

Activity in public life Mukysh Boshtayev showed as a student. Together with other students who studied in Russia, he wrote a letter to the editorial office of the newspaper, where he welcomed the opening of the national newspaper “Kazakh” and noted her great future. Another article in the Kazakh newspaper, published by Mukysh Boshtayev (1915, № 111), was devoted to the problems of education. M. Boshtayev takes the initiative to create a cultural and educational society “Igilik”(Welfare), which could help students financially. The article is called “Igilik kauymy” (Welfare community). The article aroused keen interest among the readers of the newspaper. After a while, Habibola Lekerov, Imam of Bayanaul mosque, responded to the editorial board, which offered an original model of the activity of the “Igilik” (Welfare) society. A.Bukeikhanov also shows interest in the proposal of a young lawyer. He notes the foresight of M. Boshtayev, the desire to help his native people to get education, to enlist talented young people to educate themselves regardless of their social origin, and to render special assistance to the needy people.

The difficult events of 1916 also were not without the participation of the young intellectual. In the newspaper “Kazakh” M. Boshtayev with other students declare their desire to render all kinds of assistance to the dzhigits who have gone to the rear work. They help in the organization of the “Zemsky Union”, the body that provided material, legal and spiritual support to the loggers. For this help they were noted by A. Bukeikhanov and other figures of “Alash”. M. Boshtayev was especially noted in the article by Bukeikhanov “Maskeu khaty” (The Moscow letter). His articles are known in the newspaper Saryarka. M. Boshtayev was an active participant in the All-Kazakh Congress. At the congress of July 21-26, 1917, in the city of Orenburg, M. Boshtayev was elected as a candidate by the deputies of the All-Russian Constituent Assembly from the Semipalatinsk region. In October 1917, he took an official membership in the party “Alash”. The newspaper “Kazakh” in 1917, publishing lists of candidates for the Constituent Assembly, gives M. Boshtayev the following characteristic: “a graduate of Kazan University, a young lawyer, a county commissioner.” As can be seen from this brief characteristic, M. Boshtayev was a member of the Pavlodar County Committee of “Alash Orda”.

During this period, M. Boshtayev continued to publish his articles on the problems of education in his native Bayanaul, Pavlodar County. M. Boshtayev conducted an active work on the organization of local Alash committees, the formation of militia detachments, as well as agitation work.