Bolganbaev Kayretdin (1894-1937)

22Bolganbaev Kayretdin Abdirahmanuly is a Soviet Kazakh journalist, publisher, an active participant of the Alash movement. He was born in the Korgalzhyn district of Akmola oblast in 1893. From December 1917 to February 1918, he participated in the creation of the Turkestan autonomy. In 1917-1918 he studied  in the Orenburg madrasah and he worked in the editorial office of the newspaper “Kazakh”. He  published the Pan-Turkic newspaper “Birlik Tui” (“Flag of Unity”) together with M. Shokay and S. Kozhanov  in Tashkent in 1917-1918  . In  1918-1919  he studied pedagogy in Tashkent. In 1919-1920 he worked in the Commission on education in the Turkestan territories with the Orenburg White guard government  . In 1921  he met ,on behalf of A. Bokeikhanov and Akhmet Baitursynov ,with Ahmet-Zaki Validi Togan who together with Enver Pasha directed the Basmachi movement in Bukhara. In  1922-1923  he lived in Akomol, in  1924-1927  he lived in Petropavlovsk, where he worked as deputy head of the department of public education. In  1928  he was recognized as “enemy of the people” by decision of the OGPU and  he was sentenced to 5 years of exile to Western Siberia. In 1934 he returned to Alma-Ata, later he settled in the village of Kaplanbek of the Saryagash district of the South Kazakhstan oblast. In  1937 he was arrested and shot. He was posthumously rehabilitated on February 26, 1958.