Almasov Omar (1820-1922)


Almasov Omar is a political figure in the Alash movement. He graduated from the teachers’ seminary. In August 1916 he was the minister of the Private Meeting of Kyrgyz (Kazakh) of Turgai, Urals, Akmola, Semipalatinsk and Semirechensk regions, held in Orenburg. The idea of the leaders of the movement “Alash” (A.Bokeikhanov, A.Baitursynov, M.Dulatov) was supported at the meeting about the speech of the Kazakh people against the Tsar’s decree of June 25, 1916. He was one of the organizers and secretary of the Turgay regional Kazakh congress held in Orenburg on April 2-8, 1917. He actively participated in the organization of military resistance to Soviet power in the Turgay region. In March 1918, together with A. Baitursynov, he conducted negotiations with the Soviet government. O. Almasov was killed in Akkum (Torgay) in a shootout with the Reds arriving to arrest him.