Turlubayev Aidarkhan Turabaiuly (1877-1937)


Turlubayev Aidarkhan Turabaiuly (1877-1937) was a politician, one of the leaders of “Alash” movement, a lawyer.

He was born in the Kokshetau uyezd of the Akmola oblast.  His father is Shumenov Curlyboy, mother is Altyn.  He graduated from the Omsk gymnasium in 1897 .  He studied at the law faculty of St. Petersburg University in 1897-1902. He studied with one of the leaders of “Alash” Raimzhan  Marsekov  in high school and university .  He worked at law office in Omsk, he worked  in a “barrister” in the legal chamber in 1902-1917 .

During the revolution A. Turlybayev actively participated in public and political life of the people. After the collapse of tsarism in the Kazakh steppe has sparked a national uprising, was grow national problems. One  of such Revolution movement was the Congress of Kazakhs, which was held in Omsk from April 25 to May 5, 1917. The Congress was chaired by A. Turlybayev and Asylbek Seitov. It was chronologically the fifth Congress among the regions of Kazakhstan and prepared by the special organizing Committee headed by Erejep Itbaev. The Congress was attended by 250 delegates from Atbasar, Kokshetau, Petropavlovsk, Omsk and Akmola districts. Aidarkhan Тurlybaev  was elected as a chairman of the Presidium of the Congress, Erezhep Itbaev and Mirzhakyp Dulatov were elected as vice-chairmen of the Presidium. The secretariats of the Congress were Mukhtar Samatov, Asylbek Seitov, Ermuhamed Tokbaev.  The Congress considered 17  questions. In 1917 the newspaper “Kazakh” wrote about  the activities of Aidarkhan Turlybayev”: “Aidarkhan Turlybayev is barrister, he knows  the legal science very well, he is  a business man… Aidarkhan was worthy to become the Deputy from Akmola region of I and II state Duma, but at the moment his opponent was the son of the late Nauan Haziret…”

Turabajuly actively participated in organizing the first all-Kazakh Congress for the establishment of the party Alash in 1917. He participated in the second all-Kazakh Congress for the formation of the Alash autonomy. At the first Congress he was elected a delegate from Akmola region to the national Kurultai and the all-Russian Muslim Congress — the Shura-and-Islam. Also he participated in the creation of Akmola regional Committee of the party Alash.   He protested  against to cooperation with the party “Ush Zhuz” ( “Three zhuz”). In Semey he  participated in the organization of the Alash regiment together with   X.  Gabbasov,  M. Tynyshbaev,  B. Mametov. He  was activist  in the organization of Alash police.

On 11 February 1919 under the chairmanship of Deputy of internal Affairs of the Government of Kolchak P. Koropachinsky a preliminary interdepartmental meeting” on issues of administrative-economic unit Kazak-Kyrgyz  held in Omsk. The meeting was attended by representatives A. Bokeikhanov,  Alichan Tanashev and Aidarkhan Tolybaev of the Ministries of Interior and Foreign Affairs, justice, Finance of Alash Orda. After the establishment of Soviet power he worked as a lawyer, the counselor, the judge in Omsk.

In the 30 years he was arrested and he was incarcerated at Solovki. He was posthumously rehabilitated in 1957  .

An archive of Management of  the Federal security service of the Omsk oblast of the Russian Federation keeps  documents about A. Tolybaev.