Sarygozhin Sabyr (the date of birth is unknown – 1925)

05Sarygozhin Sabyr (date of birth is unknown, died in 1925) is a Major General of the Tsarist Army of the Russian Empire, one of the leaders of Alash Orda. He is a native of the present West Kazakhstan region. A man of an interesting destiny faithfully served the government of Alash Orda. He graduated with honors from a real military school in Uralsk. After graduating from the military school on excellent, receives a referral to the Moscow Higher Military School. His military talent interested the tsarist government, so he was left in the service in Moscow. For many years he served the Russian Tsar and was promoted to Major-General. In 1918 he returned to his homeland, Kazakhstan, where he became military commissioner in the Alash Orda government. In this service, he served one year, raising the level of professionalism of the soldiers of the Alash Orda. At the end of 1919 he immigrated to the Black Sea to England, where he died in 1925.