Zholdybayev Moldagali (1887 – 1938)


Moldagali Zholdybaev is a Kazakh journalist, translator. He was born in Elbishinsky uyezd  of the Kurayly volost of the Urals (West Kazakhstan) oblast in  1887 . His father is a middling prosperous peasant. Moldagali Zholdybaev  get elementary education from rural mullah. In  1910  he entered the Russian-Kazakh school in Orenburg. In  1910-1918 he conducted an active social activity. His materials were published in the magazine “Ay Qap”, the newspaper “Kazakh”. He was one the first members of the regional Constituent Congress of Kazakhs in Uralsk. In the same place he was elected an informal leader for meeting of rural teachers. Later, Zholdybayev took part  among the delegates of the congress of Kazakhs in Karatob. He joined the political organization “Ak Zhol” (“The Light Road”).

During the Civil War he took part in the creation of village Soviets. In 1919 he came to Uralsk, where he became a member of the CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union) . In 1920 he became chairman of the Zhymkintsy uyezd  Revolutionary committee. In October 1920 he was approved as a candidate for membership of the CEC ( Central Executive Committee) of  Kazakh ASSR in the delegation from the Urals region. In the spring of the 1921 year Zholdybayev became a chairman of the Zhymkftin County Committee.  In 1921-1922 he was a Deputy Chairman of the Ural Provincial Executive Committee.

In the middle of 20 years of  XX century  he was invited to Orenburg for the position of chairman of the Orenburg Academic Center for the management of science, publishing, literature under the People’s Commissariat of Education of KazASSR, as well as the educational and methodological council. At the same time, he became the responsible editor of the newspaper “ Enbekshi Kazak” which was the central organ of the Kazakh Regional Committee of the CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union). Since that time, Zholdybayev became known as a wonderful journalist, who brought up more than one generation of young authors.

Since 1927 he was the chief editor of the national pedagogical journal “New School” (modern name “School of Kazakhstan”). In  1933-1937 he was an employee of the Kazakh branch of the Institute of Marxism-Leninism of the Central Committee of the  ( All-Kazakh Communist Party of Bolshevik) .

In  1937  Zholdybayev  was accused of involvement in the Alash movement. He was arrested as an “enemy of the people” and was shot in February 1938.