Abaiuly Turagul

As for the descendants of Turagul Abaiuly, it is known that his wives Misa and Sakypzhamal had children named Akylia, Jebrail, Kaliman, Zubaiyr and Maken.

Children of Turagul:

Akylia (Akysh) Turagulovna Orazbayeva (1901-1990) – daughter of Turagul, granddaughter of Abay. According to Abai’s will, Akylia married Saniyaz, grandson of Orazbay son of Medeu. On 7 July 1917, at her wedding in Oikuduk, M. Auezov’s play “Yenlik-Kebek” was staged for the first time. Akylia worked for many years at the Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Almaty, where she and her sister Uasila were the only craftsmen who sewed clothes according to the styles of the Tobykty family of Abai’s era. Akilia (Akysh) Turagulovna died in 1990 in Almaty at the age of 90. Akilia wrote a book about what her relatives, i.e. Abai Kunanbayev’s descendants, experienced. Akilia’s memories are kept in the Abai Museum.

Zhebrail Turagulovich (1904-1930) was Abai’s grandson. Zhebrail’s son Zhebesh was a talented dombrist, violinist and singer, studied at the university in Tomsk and organized a youth orchestra. In 1917, when M. Auezov’s play “Yenlik-Kebek” was staged for the first time, Zhebrail played the role of Zhapal on the kyz-uzatu of his sister Akylia. In 1928-1929 his father’s property was confiscated and he was exiled to Shymkent. Zhebrail interrupted his studies in Russia, came to his exiled father, wanted to continue his education in Tashkent, but soon fell ill and died suddenly.

Kaliman Turagulovna (1904-1989) – Abai’s granddaughter, daughter of Turagul. She married Akhmet Auezov. She was specially invited to the 125th anniversary of Abai Kunanbayev, and her speech and memories were recorded on tape recorders. These memories are kept in the Abai Museum.

Zubayr Turagululy (1907-1933) – grandson of Abai. Zubayr’s wife Kanagat (Kaken) of the Zhuantayak family was the daughter of Tobykty Azubay. She gave him a son Kenesary. Zubayr’s childhood passed among Abai’s close relatives and friends. In 1928, as a descendant of a rich feudal lord, whose father was accused of involvement in alashorda, he was deported with the dynasty to the south of the country. He lived for 4-5 years in Kyrgyzstan, near Merke (Zhambyl), Shymkent, and Tashkent. He died in the autumn of 1933 in Bishkek.

Maken (Magripa) Turagulovna Mukhametzhanova (1912-2000) was the youngest daughter of Turagul. From early years Maken was close to art, heard a lot of stories about her grandfather-poet from her father Turagul, and grew up diligently learning Abay’s songs. M. Auezov listened to Abai’s songs performed by Maken with great love, and in 1930s they were recorded by A. Zhubanov. One of them – the first version of “Onegin’s Letter to Tatiana” was published in the collection “Abai’s Musical Creativity” (1954). Later Abai’s songs performed by Maken Turagulovna were recorded by professional musicians B. G. Erzakovich, A. Serikbaeva, K. Zhuzbasov on tape recorder. 19 songs of Abai performed by Maken were included in the collection “Ayttym sәlem kalamkas”, published in 1986 by the publishing house “Өner”. Maken Turagulovna worked at the Kazakh Radio during the Great Patriotic War.

In the 1990s, Maken Turagulovna installed a memorial plaque in Shymkent with the intention that her father’s name would not be erased and would remain in history forever. The peculiarity is that the memorial plaque contains information not only where Turagul is buried, but also other descendants of Abai.

Alparystan (Alpash) son of Zhebrail (1922-1990) – grandson of Turagul Abaiuly. As Abai’s younger brother Ospan had no children, Alpash was given the surname Ospanov. Alpash Ospanov fought near Moscow in the 34th Rifle Brigade. Alparystan (Alpash), who returned from the front as an invalid, had no children. He died in 1990 in Almaty.

There is no information about the grandson of Turagul Kenesary Zubairuly.



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