Alibekov Aliaskar (1893-1937)

Alibekov Aliaskar Mendiaruly is a statesman, he was born in now Zambaytinsky district of the West Kazakhstan oblast in 1893, he died in 1937. He took an active part in the creation of the Kazakh autonomy. Until 1919 he was a member of the movement “Alash”. In 1919 he took part in the defense of Uralsk. He was a chairman of the Ural Revolutionary Committee of Jambity ueyzd. In the 1920 year he was a secretary of the Kazakh revkom ( Revolution Committee) , a member of the Kazakh Regional Bureau. He made a great contribution to the delimitation of the border of Northern Kazakhstan and Russia. He was a representative of KazASR ( Kazakh Autonomy Soviet Republic) in Moscow. He was a head of the working- peasant Inspection of KazASSR. In the 1937 year Alibekov Aliaskar was lost , becoming a victim of Stalin’s repression.