Itbayev Erezhep (1883 – the date of death is unknown)

Erezhep Itbayev was born in 1883. The date of death is not known. He is an activist of the Alash movement. He graduated from the Omsk Grammar School. One year he studied at Tomsk University. He participated in the expedition F.A. Shcherbina, who explored land relations in Kerekusk and Karkaralinsk districts. In 1900-1917 he was an interpreter in the administration of the Karkaralinsk district, Akmola district court. In early 1917, at his own request, he resigned from public office and began to engage in public activities in Alash Orda. In April-May 1917 in Omsk he was one of the organizers and leaders of the Congress of Kazakhs of the Akmola region, a member of the Akmola regional committee of Alash Orda. He was elected to the All-Russian Congress from the Omsk city organization of the Alash Party. On October 8-15, 1917 at the General-Siberian Congress, held in Tomsk, E. Itbayev was elected as a candidate for the Siberian Council. At the 2nd All-Kazakh Congress (December 5 – 13, 1917, Orenburg) he was elected as a candidate to the People’s Council from the Alash autonomy.